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ISIKGAZ Industrial Kitchen, established by directing the experience of the founders of the sector to the right performances, standing out with sales and after-sales services, adopting the reference of customer satisfaction as the most realistic advertising principle, 100% customer focused, is an assertive and strong industrial kitchen company.
KAYALAR GROUP was established in 1957 by Mustafa Kaya. in the present, after more than a half century Kayalar Group has become one of Turkey's largest and leading brands operating in many different fields with two generations of experience and knowledge in the sector in which it operates with the concept of quality and service has always been a pioneer and leader Our group is active in six main areas: • commercial kitchen equipment, cookers refrigarators convection ovens banquet trolleys work tables ext .• Mobile Kitchen, container kitchens, design and implementation of Sahra kitchen.• Industrial distribution of kitchen and laundry appliances and machines.• Plastic garden furniture production.• Plastic crates and pallets. Trash containers.Manufacturing traffic signs. • Medical equipment and hospital equipment production.Istanbul Buyukcekmece and Bayrampasa located about 500 employees in total 55.000 m2 production facility in accordance with international standards and quality makes the production of nearly 4.000 kinds of products, exhibiting its products at the showroom located in Kasimpasa, Silivri and Bayrampasa. The products are always certified according to CE quality production and service principles. iso 9001, TSE. GOST,TSEK. HACCP. Kayalar Group is the preferred brand with the experience of over half a century succeeded in Turkey and the world represented by 55 distributors and 70 authorised dealer reaching to the customers.
Our company was founded in 2010 by Erhan Biyikli, with the experience and knowledge gained in the industrial kitchen sector for many years. Its production adventure started in an area of ​​150 m², and with the participation of Muzaffer Sungur with more than 40 years of production and business experience in 2013, today it serves its customers with hundreds of products in a closed area of ​​2400 m². Gorkem Industrial Kitchen, which has certified its product and management system with TS EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality System Certificate and CE Certificates in 2011, continues to increase the quality of its service and production system for its business partners, solution partners and customers day by day with a corporate understanding.
PRINCE ENDUSTRIYEL MUTFAK EKIPMANLARI SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. is a company of Saglamlar Industrial Kitchen. It entered the sector in 2011. Our company, which brought quality to its production in a short time; It has integrated its vision and creativity into the service of the sector.
Our company has become the ADDRESS OF TASTE with high quality products, hygienic production and high quality service..
Our story begins with the endless fertility of olives on the sea-scented lands of Tirilye. The Republic of Turkey was young and it was the perfect time to produce and work with devotion in many different fields. In that era, Mr. Ahmet, a notable person in Trilye, with his Sait along, decided to make a living by processing olive.
Our company, operating under the name of NOKSWAY Industrial Kitchen and Bakery Equipment, continues its activities in the industry by constantly renewing itself in the industrial kitchen equipment / equipment, cooling groups and bakery machinery sector, expanding its product range. Since the day it was founded, it has renewed itself in the sector in line with the developing technology and has increased the success graph. Our company, which produces at European standards, has gained the rightful trust of its customers not only during the manufacturing and sales phase, but also with after-sales service. Your products, which are manufactured with the meticulous workmanship of an expert staff at every stage of production, are covered by a one-year warranty. Like everyone who is aware that no success is due to coincidences, our company has made its mark under many successes with its quality, meticulous workmanship, widespread sales and after-sales service services. As in the past, our company will continue to achieve domestic and international successes by constantly working to expand in its future, expanding its product range. Our goal is to provide quality to the service of the industry in the best way... As NOKSWAY, we manufacture and supply industrial kitchen equipments, gas cookers, electric and gas grills, electric cookers, gas and electric fryers, electric pasta boiling, electric benches, doner kebabs, toasters, crepe and waffle machines, burner cooker, complete kitchen line, countertop refrigerators , drawer counter type refrigerators, counter type deep freezers, sink counter type refrigerators, pizza preparation refrigerators, granite tray dough preparation cabinets, counters, upright type refrigerators, upright type deep freezers, cold room warehouses, cold storage, benmaria, service units, display cabinets, display showcases, cake showcases, guillotine type dishwasher, set-top dishwasher, rotary rack ovens, front burners, stone based multi deck ovens, electrical conveyor ovens, electrical deck ovens, electrical mini-deck ovens, convention ovens, rotary convention rack ovens, dough cutting machines, volumetric dough divider, dough weighing machines, conical rounding machines, intermediate proofing machines, dough moulders, baguette moulder machines, dough cutters, dough rolling machines, sipiral mixers with fixed bowl, spiral mixers with mobile bowl, automatic bowl tilting machines, automatic tilting machines, dough kneaders, planetary mixers, full automatic planetary mixers, dough sheeters, tabletop dough sheeters, automatic bread slicing machines with pocket blower, bread slicers, clipband machines, flour sifting machines, climator units, fermentation cabinets, water dosing units, water chillers, tray trolleys, palette trolleys, packaging machines, packing machines, labeling machines, sealing machines, full automatic packaging machines, full automatic weighing packaging machines, linear weighing packing machines, screw volumetric packing machines, double system volumetric packing machines, photovoltaic solar panels, solar power plants, energy production, electricity generation, renewable energy, rotary rack oven, front burner, stone based multi deck oven, electrical conveyor oven, electrical deck oven, electrical mini-deck oven, convention oven, rotary convention rack oven, dough cutting machine, dough weighing machine, conical rounding machine, intermediate proofing machine, dough moulder, baguette moulder machine, dough cutter, dough rolling machine, sipiral mixers with fixed bowl, spiral mixers with mobile bowl, automatic bowl tilting machine, automatic tilting machine, dough kneader...
Our judicious companies are putting in their efforts into reality to stay on their word ,promises and to keep their reputation always good, and our mission is to make our partners feel happy and our customers happier, our tasks is helping you make your dreams come true by keep successing and make the world proud of us. MARTEK and LF are the best and always will be.
As a follow up of Italian Mondial-Framec Group, Ecocold founded in 2012, has determined quality criteria as its priority, simultaneously our brand is aware of the importance of the visuality and perceive quality. Ecocold products which all components manufactured conform to European Standards, offers the quality and visuality at presentation of your products as well as it offers high efficiency and low power consumption advantages in refrigeration industry. Ecocold products reduce operating expenses of its customers with low energy consumption and high quality with eco friendly products. Our aim is to offer efficient, elegant, excellent quality and ecofriendly products to our customers. Ecocold is producing several type of commercial refrigerators for the biggest retailer and leading FMCG companies. Focused on plug-in refrigeration, Ecocold has a wide product portfolio for chest freezers and bottle coolers. Ecocold provides solid solutions in refrigeration & food storage in positive temperatures, negative temperatures or both in the same time. Many different sizes and design of freezers, display cabinets and bottle coolers are available. We believe on the customization based on customers requirement, hence Ecocold product portfolio widen every day. Targeting a sustainable growth and being able to provide full service with a qualitative relations with it's customer, Ecocold is not only a supplier but also a solution partner. Ecocold become strategic partner of it’s customer and create values. Even if our business is b2b, Ecocold is conscious of the fact that our products are the interface between our customer and the end-customer, so we act as b2c supplier. Being aware of the importance of perceived quality, on the top of it’s functional features our display refrigerators provides a unique aspect in order to promote our customers products.