For over 15 years Mert Reklam Freshbox Company and Robert Seltmann Company has been giving a very special touch for design & productions. 3 Company for a very special way of experiencing our collaborations, which is produced on a very Professional way. We are at home on a production and design area of 14.000 m2 at a very special city the metropol Istanbul based on two continens Asia and Europe. Our young, well educated and active staff of 120 employees on a age average 27, which been managed with Professional experienced executives, have strong work ethic based on loyalty, easy to talk, genuinely interested in people and a careful listener who takes great care to understand clients and then work within requirements. Freshbox “the Salex Innovation” which is responsible for all necessary skills produced by Mert Reklam handled with personal attention and exceptionally close dialogue and cooperation with his clients. We gets lots of pride from making our customers happy. And in many cases we keeps ours relationship with our customers going even after their business is done. Simply, we does not forget about our customers and are always there to help them. For a brief overview we would like to invite you our web site and will be pleasant to welcome you in Istanbul at our production factory/Office.

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